Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Personal Space: Right Style. Wrong Paths.

Johnny fucking Craig. The name alone makes me wanna fucking vomit. Self absorbed, alcoholic piece of shit. This man is the definition of what is wrong with music. So the man can sing. So fucking what? Celine Dion can sing, and she catches more shit than Hitler. "JCraig", as his blind, tasteless, ignorant fanbase calls him, has been insulted, talked down to, physically hurt, and ignored by him on several occasions. Yet, what do these skinny jean wearing fucking idiots do? They kiss the ground he spits on in front of him. The man made like, one good album. Downtown Battle Mountain was a decent thing, but that should have been the entirety of it. Emarosa is just another ambient copy/cut/paste clone band. Which leads me to another point. Where the FUCK does Rise Records get off? They push all this fucking terrible breakdown music, that, unless they're blind, KNOWS people are fucking sick of. Unless you are a teenage girl who wets their panties every time a pair of skinny jeans stretches out for a breakdown, we're through. Why are they not pushing the artists on their label they signed for their talent and not their marketability. Tides of Man, Closure In Moscow, pmToday. Those bands would shut the fucking scene down quick, clean, and easy if given the chance? I mean, has it really, and I mean REALLY, come to the point where we are ignoring EVERYTHING that doesn't swoop it's hair, scream on an album, and write more breakdowns than music? It's fucking pathetic. What makes things worse? The bands that DO have talent are being ignored over the fact that arrogant fucking hipsters are the only people pushing their rep. Like, I have seen some terrible things, but mommy and daddy kids with imaginary issues repping bands with talent is actually less appealing than guys in suits marketing teenagers in Nike hi-tops playing "metal" music. Give it up, music. You've lost the fight. Your era has ended. Let's all just pray St. Vincent can save us all. (That was my shameless plug for a person who really does deserve attention.)

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