Sunday, June 20, 2010

Album Spotlight: Fox In The Henhouse 'The Fox EP'

I mean, to be straight up right off the bat. The album is damn decent. The music is enjoyable, the lyrics are full of energy, and the presence is all over the place. A three song EP put out by 2 former members of Wakefield, and a third local musician. A mix of 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's indie rock and "goth rock" brings this three piece ensemble to a head with songs that will surely relax and excite you simultaneously. Opening with the track "Fears" is a mix of Ooh's and Ahh's, sweet guitar notes, light synth, bouncy drumming, and a voice that's just all over the place really sets the pace for what the band really is, and that's just a bunch of guys trying to have some fun and rock the fuck out the way they see fit. Flowing into track 2 "Dangerous", the band turns to a sound that feels like it could have made a Smiths, Buddy Holly, or any early 60's indie band's B-Side list. Crooning and running all over the charts with it's dark verses and uplifted chorus. Closing the album, probably the best way it could have ended, is the song "Up". Kicking off the start to a peppy summer driving jam that get's people moving the second the first note is hit. The verse's relax the song a little, building up to explosive choruses and bridges that could keep a party flowing at an amazing pace. The album really sets the stage for a band I actually can tolerate listening to, and might even possible love.


  1. i was gonna review this band but i couldnt find one good thing to say about it. absolutely awful music

  2. They remind me a lot of The Japanese Motors. I really like this kind of Retro indie rock.