Monday, May 10, 2010

Moments to Myself: Youth Music.

Youth music, yes. It's not that I've been jamming to music for kids all week. It's what I've decided to call music that I listened to in my youth, and it's what you should call music you listened to in yours. The last few months I've lost literally ALL hope in the future of music, and if I had it my way. I'd politely ask every aspiring musician to put down their instruments, and please back the fuck out quietly. We don't want your breakdowns. We don't want your techno infused metal. We don't want your dupstep inspired mosh pit. We want our generation to remember that Emo music, Hardcore music, Post Hardcore music, and Pop Punk music were all in place long before them. It was doing alright by itself, and we didn't need you to come in here and change things for what you call "the better". When The Used released their self titled album, they didn't need tight pants, Kanye sunglasses, and hair products to get where they were at. When Chiodos dropped "All's Well That Ends Well", and Matchbook Romance recorded "Stories and Alibies" they weren't looking to market it. They just wanted to make music they though they inspired, and kids would like on a personal level. When Taking Back Sunday released "Tell All Your Friends", When Coheed & Cambria pushed "Second Stage Turbine Blade", after Senses Fail sold copies of "From The Depths of Dreams" without a label. Even after Taking Back Sunday all went their seperate ways Brand New and Straylight Run were pushing solid debut albums. We were a generation of kids, following a generation of mature artists that had their shit together. H2O, At The Drive In, Mineral, The Movielife, New Found Glory, Blink 182, Green Day, Weezer, Texas Is The Reason, Rites of Spring, Hot Water Music, Anniversary, Finch, Boy Sets Fire, Brand New, and even Funeral For A Friend. Why couldn't we just stick to the plan? Why couldn't we just let honest music takes it course. Why did we literally make it a point to fuck everything up just to market breakdowns and skinny jeans to 13 year old girls and boys. Why did we let Woe, Is Me get a record contract? Why did we say fuck DIY ethics, and usher in an era of Marketing Campaigns? Fucking ridiculous.

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