Thursday, April 15, 2010

Artist Spotlight: LIGHTS

Yes, LIGHTS. A lot of people over the last 2 years have insulted me in many different ways, and not once have I faltered or changed my mind. I figured I would now take a second to explain how this woman heroically saved a genre of music for me. Let's start with her as a person. I have never personally met her, but from stories of others, and the postings of her twitter, video blog, and various other ways she stays in touch with her fans, she bears a very important quality. She's real. She seems as though she not only cares about her fans, and the experience they receive from her performances and albums, but she also cares about keeping her fan base loyal and strong. She's in touch with reality, and she actually appreciates the hand she's been dealt in life. Now onward to the point more important in this entry, her music. At first her music, admittedly, was nothing unique or standout to me. Auto-Tune vocals, electronic noise, and basic eletro-pop nonsense. Later down the road I was happily proven wrong. An ex girlfriend of mine popped in her debut EP, and informed me that I HAD to check out "this chick's CD I found the other day." The EP was poppy, fun, enjoyable, colorful, emotional, and just an all around delight to listen to. The album cover was bright and fun, and I had to ask. Who is this that I have been enjoying. The answer actually stunned me. LIGHTS. From that moment on I began going to any show she was playing in my area, and following her music as best I could. Eventually I finally read the news I wanted to read. LIGHTS would be releasing her debut full length, The Listening, and I couldn't have been happier. Electronic based music died for me a long time ago, I couldn't get into it. Everything just got stale, but then I picked up The Listening. I remember thinking that my first listen was actually disappointing, but then I went ahead and gave it a second go, and just like I hoped I felt everything I needed to. The joy, the emotion, the funtastic sounds. This album actually reminded me why Electro-Pop was not some mainstream forgettable sound, but actual music too. The artists did sometimes put their creative force behind an actually impressive piece of work. LIGHTS did that with The Listening, and I couldn't be happier, and more excited, to hear more from her in the future.

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